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Eddie’s Ribs


Welcome to Eddie’s, where every flavor tells a story!

Eddie’s Ribs is located on Hwy 53 in beautiful Superior, Wisconsin. We are passionate about fresh delicious food and partnering with local businesses, breweries, and distilleries in Wisconsin and Minnesota. 



The Owners

Ben & Mary Anderson are thrilled to be the new owners of this historic (and, frankly, iconic) establishment in Superior, Wisconsin! Founded in the late 1880s, Eddie’s has been a staple restaurant, bar, and & café for the Twin Ports community. Along the way, there have been a few different name & theme changes, but the soul of the business has remained steadfast throughout the years!

Ben was born and raised in the small town of St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin. He attended UW-Superior, where he was first introduced to the beauty and wonder that is the Twin Ports! Mary, on the other hand, was born and raised just outside of Superior in the small town of Solon Springs. She has worked many years in the restaurant and catering business, going as far as traveling from New York to Florida (and back) to work in various positions in and out of the kitchen. She has even worked on film and television sets, providing catering for different casts & crews. Now back in Wisconsin, Mary is looking forward to bringing her expertise and experience to Eddie’s!

In 2019, Ben & Mary met and started their family. They have three beautiful children, who are the biggest and most important part of their lives! Tying in the love of their family, Ben & Mary are looking forward to building a family-oriented establishment showcasing the rich history of Eddie’s and the surrounding community.

Ultimately, Ben & Mary want to provide an establishment that hosts people from all walks of life. When you stroll through the front doors of Eddie’s — whoever you are — you are meant to feel like family!

Ben and Mary

Eddie's Then & Now